What is Web Hosting?

If you are thinking of creating a professional blog or website in WordPress or Blogger, then it is very important for you to know about Domain Name and Web Hosting service. Many people don’t know what is web hosting. There is a detailed discussion about the Domain Name in the previous post. Today you will know all about the Web Hosting Service.

In this article, you will learn what a web hosting is, how hosting works, what are the different types of web hosting, and If you are building a website, which web hosting you should choose? In this article, I will discuss about all these topics.

What is Web Hosting?

Hosting is just like your computer. In computer, we store or save different files, i.e. documents, music, videos, image files and many more. In the same way, in a hosting, or web hosting, or website hosting, we store all the files of our website.

When you open a website, you get to see text, images, videos on it. You can also download different types of files from some websites.

So these different types of files, which comes in front of your screen as soon as you open a website, are uploaded somewhere. Somebody must have uploaded all these files in their website, only then you are seeing all this.

The videos that you see in YouTube also, somebody uploads and publishes the videos, and then only you see the videos in the screen.

So the place where all these files are stored is called a hosting computer or hosting server. And the companies that provides you hosting computers or hosting servers are called web hosting companies.

Hosting is known as web hosting or website hosting. The computer that is connected to the web hosting stays ON for 24 hours, and it is connected to the internet for 24 hours.

If you want, you can also make your computer a web hosting, and you can also launch your website publicly. But as long as your computer is on, and connected to the Internet, people will see your website. As soon as your computer is turned off or the internet is disconnected, your website will not load on other devices, it will go offline. And this is called the server being down.

It is not possible for all of us to keep our computers always ON or connected to the internet, that’s why we purchase hosting.

Web hosting is a computer only. Just like, your computer’s CPU has a processor, RAM, hard drive or memory, similarly all these things are there in web hosting also. When you take hosting from any web hosting company, then it usually provides you a CPU or a storage space of CPU.

Web hosting servers are available for 365 days and 24 hours a year and are connected to the Internet.

How does a web hosting work?

The companies that gives  you hosting, they store your data, that is, the files of your website, in a high speed computer.

Now when a person types the URL of your website in his computer or mobile, like if someone types rajdeepmishra.com, then that request asks through the Internet to the hosting server, and then from there the server, the URL of the page what you have searched for, sends a copy of that page to your computer.

So a lot of people will come to know that if web hosting is only a computer, then can we make our computer or laptop a hosting server?

Yes, you can make it, but now the question is, will you be able to keep your computer ON for 365 days, 24 hours and keep it connected to the internet? Let’s assume that if load shedding never happens, and internet connection is always fine and you keep your computer always ON, Will it still be beneficial for you?

If you keep a computer ON for a whole day, then it consumes minimum 2 to 7 units of electricity.

The minimum 2 units that I mentioned will be for the computers that come with the lowest configuration, even when the monitor is not connected to the computer.

So, let’s take an average of 3 units. It becomes 365 * 3 = 1095 units in a year. And if you take 7 rupees per unit, then only to keep your computer ON for years, the electricity cost comes out to Rupees 7665.

Rs.7665 that too for 1 year. And in this also you will not get any super fast hosting, you will get average hosting.

In this situation, if you think of buying hosting, then at present, the price of hosting for 1 year will be around rs 1500. With only 69 rupees per month you get good hosting.

And I have explained this to you according to the electricity cost only. If you keep your computer or laptop always ON, then it will be damaged too soon.

Maybe you have to change your computer’s RAM, or hard disk only after 2-3 years. Also you will get to see many more problems in the computer.

And if the operating system of your computer gets corrupted, then all the data on your website will be deleted, you cannot recover it.

So making your computer hosting is not a smart thing to do, but when you learn how to create a website, and how to work on a website, So you can use your computer as a hosting server for some time. You can make your computer, web hosting by using free software.

How many types of hosting are there?

There are 2 types of hosting according to the operating system, Linux hosting and Windows hosting.

As I told you, web hosting is a computer, and to run the computer, it needs an operating system which we call OS.

So, Hosting running in Linux operating system is called Linux hosting and hosting running in Windows operating system is called Windows hosting.

Linux hosting vs Windows hosting

The difference is of money. Linux is an open source operating system that anyone can download absolutely free, like our Android.

Companies have to buy licenses for Windows hosting. And whatever the cost of the license is included in the hosting charges, then the price increases.

That is why even today most of the websites are built on Linux hosting only.

Now let’s talk about how many types of hosting are there on the basis of website support?

Yes, there are different types of hosting according to support. Let’s talk about some of the popular ones available.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is a server in which websites of many people are run simultaneously. A hosting computer is distributed among many people. Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting and best for beginners.

Shared hosting has some advantages and disadvantages.


This hosting is very cheap and best for beginners.

When you start your own blog or website, many people do not know about your website for the first 7-8 months. Not so many people visit your website at that time. There is less traffic in the website. And you can use shared hosting to host such a website.

Shared hosting price starts from Rs.69 per month.


Many people uses shared hosting, many websites uses the same server. So in such a situation, if a lot of traffic comes in one website, then its effect will be visible in all other websites. All websites will become slow, it will take more time to load.

Shared hosting cannot handle a lot of traffic at once. Shared hosting also has different plans. In which if the monthly visitor of your website is from 10000 to 100000 or around, then you can use shared hosting.

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server

In this, one main server is divided into virtual servers. And only one website on each server uses it. VPS Web Hosting can be a good choice for medium sized sites.


VPS Hosting can handle a lot more traffic compared to the Shared Hosting.

Where a shared hosting can handle 10000 to 100000 traffic monthly. VPS hosting can handle 10000 to 50000 traffic daily. The speed of VPS hosting are more than shared hosting.


The price of VPS Web Hosting is more than Shared Web Hosting. If you buy a VPS Hosting, then you may need a technical expertise to manage it. So the overall cost increases.

The price of VPS Hosting starts from Rs 249 per month.

Dedicated Web Hosting

In Dedicated Web Hosting, a web server handles one of your websites. A complete computer CPU is given to you on rent, and this entire hosting computer is handling only your website.

Many big websites such as Amazon, Flipkart., Where, in every single second, many people are visiting together. Such websites use dedicated hosting.


Dedicated hosting can handle a lot of traffic at once. In this type of hosting, you will get root access of the server.


This web hosting is the most expensive. If you want to purchase this hosting, then you have to learn technical management process along with the server management process.

Cloud Hosting

In cloud hosting, servers are kept in different locations and a group of servers is made, which is called cloud hosting.

If the data of your website is stored in a server in India, and if a person sitting in the US opens your website, then the request will come from America to the server of India, and then it will go back to the US, then your website will be loaded.

But this does not happen in cloud hosting. In cloud hosting, the data of your website is synced across servers kept in different locations. So if your server is in India and someone from America opens your website, then the request will not come to India’s server, it will go to  America or Nearest any server and the website will be loaded as soon as the response is received.


The loading time of websites built in cloud hosting is very fast. And because cloud hosting is a group of many servers, So sometimes if there is any problem in any one server, then the websites made in that server never go down.

The rest of the servers take its instant access. That is why cloud hosting is becoming very popular these days, it is becoming more and more famous.

Cloud hosting can also handle a lot of traffic at the same time, because Multiple servers are connected at the same time in this hosting.


Cloud hosting costs a little more than VPS hosting and Shared hosting. But much less than a dedicated hosting.

In this hosting, you will not get root access always.

Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is for those people who want to do hosting business.

But due to not having their own server, they buy Reseller hosting from any company. Many partitions can be created in Reseller Hosting. You can share one hosting to different people. In Reseller Hosting. There is a separate control panel for each partition, which is also called Cpanel.

Which websites are the best to buy good hosting?

Well, now the question is which websites are the best from where you can buy good hosting. Because Hosting should always be taken from a good service provider.

Here is the list of some good hosting providers :

➥ Hostinger

➥ Bluehost

➥ Siteground

➥ Bigrock

➥ Godaddy

➥ Hostgator

➥ Namecheap

If you want to know which hosting I use, then I use Hostinger hosting. Because Hostinger provides you hosting with very good uptime at a very low price. I have been using Hostinger hosting for the last 3 years. And till now my website has never gone down even for a second.

Hosting at Hostinger starts from 69 rs. And if you use the coupon code “YOURTECHNICAL” while purchasing hosting, then you will get an extra discount.

If you want to know anything related to hosting, then feel free to comment below.

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