What is a Domain Name?

Whenever you think about creating your website in WordPress or Blogger, then the first thing is the Domain Name.

Many people don’t know what is a domain name and which domain name to buy, because when you go to buy a domain, you get to see different types of domain names.

You get to see domain names with .com, .net, .org, .in and many more extensions. In this situation, a thinking comes to mind that which domain to buy? Which domain is best for your website? And where to buy a domain?

So today we will talk about all these topics. Let us first know what is a domain.

What is a Domain?

Domain name is the name of your website. For example, my website name is rajdeepmishra.com. You can call this a web address or a domain name.

The system through which your domain name is operated, is called Domain Name System or DNS in short form. DNS stores all the information related to your domain, such as the IP address of the domain, and much more information related to your domain.

So many people would like to know whether a domain name is necessary. Can a website be launched without a domain name?

Why Domain Name is Important?

For your information, let me tell you, in the initial phase, there used to be no web address, like rajdeepmishra.com. There was only an IP address. The full form of IP address is Internet Protocol Address. IP address is a logical address in the form of numbers.

A web page or a website or anything that can connect to the Internet, all has an IP address, So that one device can connect with another device through the Internet. Your mobile or computer has an IP address, because all these devices can be connected to the Internet.

The IP address works just like your mobile number. For example, if you want to call someone, then you dial the contact number of that person, make a call and talk to that person. That specific number is allotted to a specific person’s name.

Does it ever happen that today you call on a number and the call is going to a person, and next day you call on the same number, but the call is going to someone else? No, it doesn’t happen.

In the same way, every device that can connect to the Internet has an IP address so that communication can be established. IP address is not finished even today, even today every website has an IP address.

So when a website can be opened from the IP address itself, then what is the need of a domain name or web address?

To understand this thing, you have to understand the IP address like the pin code of a city or village. Now you think that can you remember 10 to 12 city names more easily? Or can you relate the names of the cities, by remembering the pin codes of those cities?

As an example, I can tell you that I live in 700091. Or, I can say the same thing in a different way, that I live in Kolkata. Now you tell me that Which address is good to hear? And which one you can remember more easily?

Yes, it will be easier for you to remember the name of the city than the pin code. Human brain can remember a name more easily. That’s why when you call someone, you search the name of that person in your contact list, not his or her number.

It was difficult for humans to remember different IP addresses. That’s why domain names were invented.

It is easy for a human to remember a name, But for a computer, it is easy to communicate with numbers. That’s why IP addresses never expire. Still now, every website, or any other device that can connect to the Internet, has its IP address.

How DNS Works?

When you type rajdeepmishra.com in your mobile or computer browser, your device cannot directly connect to rajdeepmishra.com, , it is required to know the IP address of that website. And DNS or Domain Name System or Domain Name Server whatever you say, helps in this work.

This is the work of DNS – whenever you type the web address or domain name of a website, then your web browser sends a request to DNS, DNS gives the permission to access the IP address. As soon as the IP address is received, the website is loaded, and you are able to access the content of the website.

HTTP and HTTPS Protocol

Now when you open a domain name on your browser, then HTTPS or HTTP is written in the beginning of it. You might have noticed. If you haven’t noticed till now, then open a website and see it. HTTPS and HTTP are called a protocol.

Protocol means set of rules in a digital communication system. There are some rules of the internet that all the websites have to follow.


The full form of HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol and The full form of HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

The websites that are opened with HTTPS protocol are more secure, these websites cannot be hacked easily. In these websites, if you provide some of your information, such as if you pay by giving your own payment details or if you provide your number, email ID, then it is safe.

To get the website ranked at the present time, it has become necessary to take the HTTPS. SSL certificate is required to take this HTTPS protocol.

Using Cloudflare, you can convert HTTP to HTTPS for absolutely free.

Parts of a URL

https://www.rajdeepmishra.com, In this “HTTPS://” is called Protocol. “rajdeepmishra” is the domain name, “WWW” is called a sub domain, the full form of WWW is World Wide Web. And “.com” is called the domain extension.

Domain names come with different domain extensions such as .net, .in, .org etc.

Now if someone searches in his or her browser by writing https://www.rajdeepmishra.com or only rajdeepmishra.com, then he or she will be able to go to my website, But if someone by mistake puts another extension like .in or .org, then it will go to someone else’s website.

Whenever many big companies like Google buy their domain name, they buy it with different multiple extensions, i.e. Google has bought all these domains like Google.com, Google.in, Google.co.in, Google.net. And all have been redirected to one website.

So if someone by mistake opens Google.net instead of Google.com, then it will be redirected to Google.com.

Amazon also has bought such different Country Code Top-Level Domains. So that all the traffic can reach their website only.

The domain name and extension together make up a name that can be owned by only one. As rajdeepmishra.com is now registered in my name, then no one else can buy this domain now.

Which Domain is Best?

Which domain is best for a website? How to find out which domain you should buy? Which domain to choose?

Top-Level Domain (TLD)

See Top level domain extensions are good to rank more easily.

.com, .org, .edu, .net are some examples of top level domain extensions.

.com – commercial business (the most common TLD)
.org – organizations (typically, nonprofit)
.gov – government agencies
.edu – educational institutions
.net – network organizations
.mil – military

TLDs are classified into two broad categories: generic top-level domains (gTLDs) and country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLDs) is a generic top-level domain name that identifies the domain class it is associated with (.com, .org, .edu, .net etc).

Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) is a two-letter domain extension, such as .in, .uk or .fr, assigned to a country, geographic location or territory. By seeing these domains, anyone can understand which country the domain belongs to.

As an example all the domains that come with .in extension are Indian domains and some Indian has registered it. And most of the traffic in the country code top level domain comes from the people of that country.

nTLDs refers to new top-level domain names that are geared towards brands organizations and services, as they’re more customized, flexible and relevant. Examples of nTLDs include “.voyage”, “.app”, “.ninja”, “.cool”, etc.

But it is not that you cannot create any other type of websites with other extensions.

If you have thought about, what your website will be related to or which country’s traffic you want in it, then you can purchase the country code top level domain. Otherwise you can take a .com domain. The domains that come with .com extensions can be ranked very quickly, and good traffic also starts coming.

How to Choose a Domain Name?

Whenever you purchase a domain name, always keep this three things in mind.

➥ Your domain name should be such that people can easily remember.
➥ Your domain name should be short. Domain names below 15 characters are considered good.
➥ Domain name should contain keywords.

For example, if you want to write content on the health topic in your website, then you can keep the domain name of the website like, health.com / healthdiet.com / organichealth.com etc.

Where to Buy a Domain?

There are many websites from where you can purchase your domain. But I am suggesting you some popular websites from where you can buy the domain at a cheap price. This is the list below.

Best Domain Name Registrar

I personally purchased all of my domain names from Godaddy and Hostinger, and never faced any issues till now.

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